Pregnancy and Infant Loss

pregnancy and infant loss

To those who have suffered through pregnancy or infant loss: we see you. We’re thinking of you and our hearts ache for you.

We know that this time last year was probably filled with so much hope and great anticipation as you imagined what the new year would have in store for you.

We know that you probably never thought you would be here, a year later, with your arms still empty and your heart heavy.

We know that this time of year can also be especially difficult with the inevitable increase in pregnancy announcements all over social media. These announcements can bring so many different emotions, including deep sorrow for those who long to post one of their own, and we want you to know that our minds still go to you every time they come across our news feeds.

We want to take a moment to talk directly to the hopeful parents who managed to make it through your sister’s or cousin’s or best friend’s pregnancy announcement during last weekend’s holiday party without breaking down in tears. We wish we could have been there to hug you. We know that when your loved ones share the news of their new little one, you are so truly happy for them, but you are also so sad for you.

Both of those emotions can exist at the same time when dealing with pregnancy and infant loss, and you are never wrong for feeling them.

We hope that you allow yourself to feel all of the emotions that are going to come to you this week. Be kind to yourself and surround yourself with people who will hold space for you. Please know that we are holding space for you, too.

We also hope that as you go into the new year, you are able to do so with the same hope and anticipation that you had last year.

And we hope with all of our hearts that this is the year that your arms are filled.

Happy New Year, my dear friends.

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