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Kylee Alejandre

Owner of Doulas of Utah

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Throughout Kylee’s first pregnancy, she learned just how much she didn’t know about pregnancy and birth. Unfortunately, her first birth experience did not leave her with a strong sense of self-actualization or empowerment. She knew in her heart that the experience was meant to be one of great beauty, joy, and of course, strength. This led her to dig deep into the research that surrounded birth. Through this research, Kylee stumbled across the topic of doulas, and she immediately began to immerse herself into this wonderful work.

Kylee’s trainings and certifications include:

Kylee continually reminds her clients to exercise their autonomy throughout their pregnancy and birth journeys.

Kylee, her husband, Gerardo, and their daughter Hazel reside in Utah County. When not busy supporting clients, Kylee loves to camp, travel, bake, and cook.

As the owner of Doulas of Utah, Kylee takes pride in the team she has built to support the families of Utah. Kylee knows how important it is to feel confident and secure with the person who will be by your side during such an intimate and personal time in your life. That’s why she has taken the time to thoroughly vet each member of her exceptional team of professionally trained and certified doulas.

Upon contacting Doulas of Utah for your pregnancy, birth, and/or postpartum needs, you will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Kylee so that she can get a good idea of you and your family’s needs. From there, Kylee will recommend a doula or team of doulas to you that she feels will best fit your personal journey. You will then be able to meet with the recommended doula to ensure that they truly are the best fit for you!

Contact Kylee today to begin the process of being matched with the very best doula for you!