Prenatal Depression and Anxiety

On our way out of her office, my midwife told me, “You WILL get through this and feel like yourself again, I promise.” I nearly burst into tears right there because, after suffering through my entire first trimester with harrowing depression, I simply couldn’t see how that could be possible. Of all of the thingsContinue reading “Prenatal Depression and Anxiety”

Pregnancy Constipation

Pregnancy constipation is a very real thing, my friend. It is ROUGH. And the worst part? It can happen at any point in pregnancy, including during your ENTIRE pregnancy. But before you panic google “how to poop while pregnant”, we’re here to give you the down low (no pun intended) on pooping, or the lackContinue reading “Pregnancy Constipation”

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the common name for nausea and/or vomiting during pregnancy, also known as NVP. The name can be slightly misleading because NVP doesn’t always just occur in the morning. It can be worse in the mornings for some women, but it can also be worse in the evenings or just the same levelContinue reading “Morning Sickness”

Midwives in Utah

Did you know that there are four different types of midwives in Utah that can legally practice? In the state of Utah, women are legally guaranteed the right to birth however and with whomever they choose, which is what makes it possible for all four of these different types of midwives to be able toContinue reading “Midwives in Utah”

OBGYN or Midwife: 3 Important Differences

You’re having a baby! It probably goes without saying that your mind is overflowing with questions after having just received this life-altering news. One of the most pressing of those questions is probably who your care provider should be. You know you want to give birth in a hospital, but you aren’t sure if youContinue reading “OBGYN or Midwife: 3 Important Differences”